Artizana, ethnic and bohemian..

When I first entered Second Life, I immediately looked for some points of reference to build an African avatar with an African look. Not so easy, actually..
One of these references was immediately the Artizana‘s shop someone told me about. There I could find a way to feel myself, and at the same time to be able to share something of my culture.
Artizana was a wonderful place, not ran by Africans, I must say, but by a Canadian woman instead, as far as I know, Dainie Fraina. I never met her and in the future I would like to get an interview from her.

But I immediately liked the so-called “ethnic” touch and the wise use of wonderful fabrics, also from the African tradition, together with an innovative design.
After some years Artizana has changed a bit, new stylists  I think are involved, but the “Bohemian + ethnic-inspired virtual apparel for Second Life” claimed by the shop’s promotion is still there, though not being the only style represented.


Here you can see an old photo of mine [old avatar!], with a dress that’s a classic for me, the BUNUNDA series. Love the design and the great fit. And perfect to go barefooted like I adore, so many times..



More fresh pictures: here with the recent Artizana KIASI (Umber) Dress, which I really love for some quiet evenings, together with some awesome GEA Jambalaya {Kokoia} shoes, (a mesh that left me astonished for beauty and detail).





Here I’m wearing a classic Artizana TAKALAGOMI long dress, which I often wear, here with Maitreya Gold shoes.
Except the first pic, all photos are by Phuoc Hanh, who I really want to thank here once again.
Let me know what you think about… see ya soon..

To better know Artizana:  INWORLD SHOPS


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