Walking at Duet

Just a walk around the interesting sim of Duet, today. A calm island, full of cozy corners, and especially devoted to photoshooting, offering also nice poses and breathtaking landscapes. I love to take some relax time in places like this. And an opportunity to learn something more about photography with the wise help of someone who know more than me about it..  Last but not least: I had fun playing the model role. Actually it’s a job I did in SL a little, and maybe I’ll do again. But today it was more a laughing thing, while jumping on the different poses.  🙂  Hope you will enjoy the gallery:

The simple outfit is the DAEVA Revolve Yoga Set Lime, used with the Omega applier on my Maitreya body. I’m barefooted (with KIBITZ Kandria toe rings), hair are Bob Knot by .SHI , and I wear a special hand jewel I adore, Victoria bracelet by MANNA.
Have a wonderful SL, guys! And let me know your thoughts please..

To reach Duet inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Duet/7/139/38

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