Back from.. home (Farafina)

Neybah - Farafina

In Bambara language, we say Farafina to call our homeland. Some translate this with “Africa”, but actually it should mean something like “land of the black people (or black skinned)”. Farafina is home for many of us. It’s a place where to come back to find the loved ones or to escape for a while when coming back from an emigration’s country.

For me it’s the reason why my blog was abandoned for 2 months (!!). I went back to Africa and back here again. Many problems there, many different kind of issues, and SL seemed too far from me over there. But now I’m back and the friends met in the virtual world are already remembering me that friendship, even through different media, is always a treasure to preserve. So thanks for have been waiting for me, I’m so blessed.

First thing I did while back to SL was to have a walk along the Zulu Hut sim, an African place in SL. Watching the big huge trees, the blue sky, and getting rid of my shoes while tasting the earth with my bare feet. Just like when I was a child in Farafina.

My outfit:

DRESS | MIMIKRI JouJou Feather Trim Dress gold
NECKLACE | A&J CREATIONS Davinia Necklace Orange
EARRINGS | EARTHSTONES Simply Put – Tiger’s Eye
RINGS | KIBITZ Misti rings silver

and as usual:

HEAD | ANGEL ROCK Viola MESH HEAD Dark Chocolate
SKIN | ANGEL ROCK Nubian Goddess NC M36 v8

Winter Memories

Neybah at Yasminia

While I was walking along the sweet sim of Yasminia, wrapped into my wool sweather in the late autumn breeze, watching some horses there, a sudden memory came back to visit me, a memory of Africa. Memories of the cold breeze’s feeling at dawn, when the nature wakes up, and the animals get ready for a new day. Memories of different chills, maybe different animals.
I can’t write poems. So I found this one, from Tirzah Gilmore, to give voice to my melancholy feeling. I’m grateful.

Dawn’s First Light

The sun rises over the African plain
And dawn’s first light softly wakes the sleeping birds
As it creeps to brighten the farthest domain.

Now the fleeing darkness whispers to the herds,
“Make use of the daylight until I return.”
Slowly, they shuffle to their feet at these words.

While the day moves on, the sun starts to burn
Making the grasses glow with its golden heat,
And the animals’ stomachs begin to yearn.

They all disperse, looking for something to eat,
Till sun and horizon will once again meet.


My winter outfit:

SWEATER and SCARF | !gO! Sweater Laura (with scarf HUD)
SHOES | HILLY HALAAN Zeta Thigh High Boots
RING | KATE Dragonfly Ring
RINGS | KIBITZ  Misti rings silver
EARRINGS | EARTHSTONES Siobhan Mother of Pearl

and as usual:

HEAD | ANGEL ROCK Viola MESH HEAD Dark Chocolate
SKIN | ANGEL ROCK Nubian Goddess NC M36 v8