Winter Memories

Neybah at Yasminia

While I was walking along the sweet sim of Yasminia, wrapped into my wool sweather in the late autumn breeze, watching some horses there, a sudden memory came back to visit me, a memory of Africa. Memories of the cold breeze’s feeling at dawn, when the nature wakes up, and the animals get ready for a new day. Memories of different chills, maybe different animals.
I can’t write poems. So I found this one, from Tirzah Gilmore, to give voice to my melancholy feeling. I’m grateful.

Dawn’s First Light

The sun rises over the African plain
And dawn’s first light softly wakes the sleeping birds
As it creeps to brighten the farthest domain.

Now the fleeing darkness whispers to the herds,
“Make use of the daylight until I return.”
Slowly, they shuffle to their feet at these words.

While the day moves on, the sun starts to burn
Making the grasses glow with its golden heat,
And the animals’ stomachs begin to yearn.

They all disperse, looking for something to eat,
Till sun and horizon will once again meet.


My winter outfit:

SWEATER and SCARF | !gO! Sweater Laura (with scarf HUD)
SHOES | HILLY HALAAN Zeta Thigh High Boots
RING | KATE Dragonfly Ring
RINGS | KIBITZ  Misti rings silver
EARRINGS | EARTHSTONES Siobhan Mother of Pearl

and as usual:

HEAD | ANGEL ROCK Viola MESH HEAD Dark Chocolate
SKIN | ANGEL ROCK Nubian Goddess NC M36 v8

Escape into outer space (INSILICO)

Neybah at Insilico 1

I don’t know if it’s because of the previous shocking events, or maybe just because we all want sometimes some kind of breakaway. But this week I found myself wandering in biotech places, in control rooms, and landscapes both urban futuristic and sandy .. up to the surface of Mars. It was a friend of mine to let me know of the existence in Second Life of the regions of Insilico, a well known and huge area dedicated to the reconstruction of a “cyberpunk” reality and actually used for roleplaying, since many years. And that apparently would have to close down three days ago, on November 15th (after eight years!). For this with my friend I went to explore (he had visited there several times) and in some way to greet and say goodbye to this wonderful environment. In fact something has happened and Insilico is still online today, even though I could not say for how long. I really hope those sims  will be saved.. More info on the Insilico site here.

Neybah at Insilico 2

I know nothing about roleplaying (although a bit all SL is this, in some way). I’ve never been part of groups that do it systematically. But I loved the film Blade Runner and Ex Machina, and always feel a strong attraction to these future size not that far away, where basically you deepen and bring extreme stories that are already present in our daily reality. I also like the imagination with which they are played or imagined back in Second Life, and once again I remain fascinated by spaces and lights that builders have made to make us travel in another dimension like this.
I invite you to visit Insilico as soon as possible, and lose yourself in a future sometimes disturbing and sometimes poetic. And for my sport outfits with whom I find it so comfortable, as always the details below. I just wanna say here that I’m so happy with my Aibeat short hair, which I really love and that really I find it hard to change these days…

My outfit:

HAIRAIBEAT *Teddy* black

TANK and PANTS | VALENTINA E. Joey Tank & Leather Leggings Leaf
SHOES | NERDY GIRL Unisex Hi-Tops with Texture HUD
RING | KATE Dragonfly Ring
BANGLES | CAPTIVATING! Brown leather Bracelets
BANGLES | ~C2X~ Etched Bracelets V2
NECKLACE | KOSH– Multiplex necklace

and as usual:

HEAD | ANGEL ROCK Viola MESH HEAD Dark Chocolate
SKIN | ANGEL ROCK Nubian Goddess NC M36 v8

DAY AFTER (don’t panic)

Neybah at Pino 1

Second Life has always been also a kind of escape for me. That’s why I don’t like to mix too much RL and SL, and bring Real Life into those quiet landscapes. But I’m one and whole, and sometimes what happens on earth simply can’t avoid to affect my SL.
That’s why yesterday I found myself on the seaside at Pino, all alone and pondering about what had just happened in the US, after the presidential election’s results were out and many people, including me, felt upset and worried.
The amazing landscape subsided me, and after a while I found a bit of peace, although I must say that the future appears to me difficult now, more than it was before, and not only for people living in the United States. I also realized that the photos I took are all near a staircase. I wonder if this has a symbolic value in some way for me, as always when I am afraid of the direction the world is taking.

An American friend sent me this, from the Cracked website. She is concerned but is finding a way to go further. This helped me. I hope it can help also those of you who are having the same feeling. Have a good day guys.

My outfit:

PANTS | LiES Flower Jeans Black
SHOES | KC CATY Wedges [Slink High, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP]
RINGS | KIBITZ – Misti rings silver
HAIR | AIBEAT *Teddy* black


HEAD | ANGEL ROCK Viola MESH HEAD Dark Chocolate
SKIN | ANGEL ROCK Nubian Goddess NC M36 v8


Dancing at Bohannon Jungle's birthday

Last thursday night I went to a birthday party in SL, a surprise party actually. One of the owners of Bohannon Soul & Funk venue, Djungle, was celebrating that day an important personal birthday (a Real Life one), and the crew and friends from Bohannon organized a fresh new party for her, with the support of the great music of DJ Finn, another pillar of the club. It was fun, the company was delicious, the music – inspired mostly from the ’50s – was stellar. My friend Martin (seen from the back in the pic) came with me and had the opportunity to know many SL users coming from his home country, Germany. A lot of people stepped by, and Djungle seemed to be really happy of the surprise.. You can see her in all her astonishing elegance dancing right behind me in the picture, on a blue/red dress and red shoes..

I try to go often to listen to funk (my passion) at Bohannon, and this wasn’t a totally new thing for me, but after the party I found myself thinking once again to the strong links that people tie up through a someway total virtual social media like Second Life, where each one of us can’t help but take his/her own soul but also a “new” me, not necessarily the exact copy of the person we are in Real Life. But the bonds that people tighten in here never cease to amaze me, and they are perhaps the most beautiful and touching thing about my journey through this “metaverse”. It’s something we know, it’s also something been studied by people who deal with social relationships in the digital age. Nothing new.
But the feeling I had when I left the party (and the new location built only few hours before to house the celebration), that was new. I felt happy and proud to be part of all this. And to be able to enrich my life with so many new friends from all over the world. That’s it.

Wish you a good weekend, and below, as usual, some details about this outfit I really like (photo taken at Bohannon’s regular location)..

Neybah at Bohannon venue

My outfit:

TOP | ASTERIA “Claven” Crop Top Black [Maitreya-Belleza-Slink]
SKIRT | JUST BECAUSE Lona Skirts – Black
SHOES | KC PASADENA HEELS [Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Eve, TMP]
RINGS | KIBITZ Misti rings silver
RING | KATE Dragonfly Ring
HAIR | AIBEAT *Teddy* black

and as usual:

HEAD | ANGEL ROCK Viola MESH HEAD Dark Chocolate
SKIN | ANGEL ROCK Nubian Goddess NC M36 v8

[happy birthday again, Djungle…!]