DAY AFTER (don’t panic)

Neybah at Pino 1

Second Life has always been also a kind of escape for me. That’s why I don’t like to mix too much RL and SL, and bring Real Life into those quiet landscapes. But I’m one and whole, and sometimes what happens on earth simply can’t avoid to affect my SL.
That’s why yesterday I found myself on the seaside at Pino, all alone and pondering about what had just happened in the US, after the presidential election’s results were out and many people, including me, felt upset and worried.
The amazing landscape subsided me, and after a while I found a bit of peace, although I must say that the future appears to me difficult now, more than it was before, and not only for people living in the United States. I also realized that the photos I took are all near a staircase. I wonder if this has a symbolic value in some way for me, as always when I am afraid of the direction the world is taking.

An American friend sent me this, from the Cracked website. She is concerned but is finding a way to go further. This helped me. I hope it can help also those of you who are having the same feeling. Have a good day guys.

My outfit:

PANTS | LiES Flower Jeans Black
SHOES | KC CATY Wedges [Slink High, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP]
RINGS | KIBITZ – Misti rings silver
HAIR | AIBEAT *Teddy* black


HEAD | ANGEL ROCK Viola MESH HEAD Dark Chocolate
SKIN | ANGEL ROCK Nubian Goddess NC M36 v8

5 thoughts on “DAY AFTER (don’t panic)

  1. It’s pretty scary right now here in the USA. I recall consoling UK friends after Brexit. I don’t know if this feels to me like that did to them, but this feels pretty bad.

    I’m educated in political science and very active, so I have known for some time just how racist my nation is. But its painful to see it out there like that. And scary to realize they now hold power. Trump is already putting Klan affiliated people into his transition team. Offline I am only a small part Nigerian, but I am a mixed person of color, visibly LatinX – I’m directly in his line of fire.

    This has been ugly news. I got over panic with my first arrest before I was even old enough to go to school. I’ve been a fighter ever since. But not everyone is, and being a fighter makes few friends. Even fewer in times like these when so many want to put their heads in the sand, ignore what is done to their fellow human being and say “this isn’t on me, I didn’t cause this, so I don’t need to help stop it”.

    Its actually been hard to log into SL and go anywhere lately – as I keep looking around in both RL and SL, counting the white people, and realizing that 4 out of every 10 I see think of me as less than human (*). I’ve always known that to some degree – but right now I just can’t keep it off of the surface of my thoughts.


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  2. Thank you so much for your open-hearted comment here Pussycat, and for the infos provided. I don’t live in the States, and even if I have friends there and following a bit your country, I live a partially different experience in Europe. But I can totally feel your fear and your struggle there, as soon as the feeling of non-acceptance than most of us live in different ways. I think you are right when you say, also in your blog, that many white people have a really wrong view and simply are not used to think in terms of real equality. Its especially sad then just after some years of increasing awareness of the multicultural inevitable way of life of our modern communities, old ghosts are back again, threatening all minorities and creating a constant war climax, which is maybe the best possible environment to get along with dirty business, financial adventures, military power, oil dictatorship and so long..
    I also read the article you linked, very interesting and sad at the same time.
    I have no special recipes, my only simple experience is just that every time I felt “surrounded” like this, I actually played bad for myself, and I hunkered down, just staring at the danger (real sometimes) around me and feeling helpless. I know you are a fighter, I believe that. But also the endless fight can be dangerous to me. I try to establish ties with people, especially white people, the few that are different, and that have the possibility, in their own community, to be game changers. Many good souls are out there, no matter their skintone, and I found the same diversity in SL, maybe I was lucky. Maybe I’m a dreamer as the song said, but I feel that do not give in to despair even in a moment – you’re right – the racists took power in one of the most important countries in the world, is really important. I give you a virtual warm hug, a big one. And hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again to stop by.


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